Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Contrasted Views On the LGBT Narrative

I've mentioned before that I frequently have hypothetical conversations with myself. These are often triggered by seeing certain things or encountering particular ideas. One recurs whenever I see the yellow equal sign that is a bumper sticker on the car of many individuals who are sympathetic to the agenda of the LGBT community's media/political outlets.

This talk I commonly revisit is predominately a conversation of me explaining why I would not sport such a bumper sticker on my own car.

From a political and moral standpoint, you could consider me a very conservative person. My conviction is that there are moral absolutes that man has no ability nor authority to change. The larger narrative of the LGBT community negates that stance.

I am personally against the concept and practice of same-sex marriage. Not only do I feel that every person has the right to be raised by both a mother and father that love them, but I feel that both marriage and sex are unnecessary and, additionally, inhibiting to the proper expression of love between two members of the same gender. One can only do so much to control the romantic feelings personally experienced, but when it comes to practices that God has specifically forbidden (particularly in this case, those of same-sex marriage and sexual behaviors between two individuals of the same gender), they are barred by divine law for a reason, one I might delve into at a later time. But as a result of these views I have, I also am unsympathetic of the political movements I hear of occasionally for things such as the normalization of pedophilia, public nudity, and sexually explicit actions in both public media and performed in public places. I also recognize that these are items on the agenda of the few, not the many, but I can in no way espouse an organization whose value system is essentially a celebration of the lack thereof.

I may be unsympathetic to the cause of some larger organizations, but I can be very empathetic to individuals and individual circumstances. Remember who the guy is writing this. There is a very real part of me that finds the two very things I just classified to be forbidden as very appealing. But I know they do not form part of the plan God has in store for me. Though this is a very controversial remark to make, I don't believe that same-sex marriage nor homosexual behaviors are part of the plan God has for any of us. Please note that here, I write the things of my heart, not with the intent to win brownie points with anyone. Well, not with anyone mortal, at least. :-)

However, please don't misunderstand me. You could be a guy, married to another guy, and you might think by now that my first response to discovering that about you would be rife with words like "hell", "damnation", "brimstone", and "neon cats". But really, my immediate reaction to you would be much more like this:

"Oh, okay. I can respect that."

Because really, if you tweaked just a few of the circumstances of my life in the past decade, I could very well be you right now.

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